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Linking your MLife accounts with MGM

February 18, 2021

Linking your accounts with MGM

At Grueninger Travel, we encourage our MGM players to link their accounts for a variety of reasons.

Why should I link my accounts?

Linking your accounts changes the way that MGM looks at your play. Rather than being viewed as two individuals, your play, Tier Score, and Theoretical Daily Worth will be combined with the individual you’re linking with.

What’s Theoretical Daily Worth?

This is what MGM uses to determine your worth on a daily basis. It’s used to answer the question “How do we expect Player X to play each day while at our property?”

Who can link their accounts?

Any two individuals with the same address.

Who should link their accounts?

Players looking to benefit more from their existing play at MGM properties.

Can you walk me through an example?

Let’s consider an example of two players

Player A

  • 50,000 Tier Credits (Pearl)
  • Theoretical Daily Worth of 650

Player B

  • 30,000 Tier Credits (Pearl)
  • TheoreticalDaily Worth of 450

If accounts are not linked

  • MGM will view the players as separate individuals
  • Offers will be based off of a 650 play level, and 450 play level individually
  • Both players will receive the benefits of Pearl status (requires 25,000 tier credits, Gold is unlocked at 75,000 tier credits) 

If accounts are linked

  • MGM will view the two players play combined
  • Players tier credits are combined (50,000 Player A + 30,000 Player B), and now receive the benefits of Gold status (requires 75,000 credits)
  • Offers will be based off a total play level of (650 Player A + 450 Player B) 1,100 Average Daily Worth

What changes when I link my accounts?

Your Tier Score is combined

  • When accounts are linked, your tier score will be viewed as a total of the two accounts (rather than individuals)

Your Daily Theoretical is combined

  • Invitations - Tournament invitations, shopping events, and show tickets are sent out based off Theoretical Daily Worth. Combining accounts increases your Theoretical Daily Worth, and increases your chance of getting an invitation
  • Trips you can book into - Charter trips and pricing are based on Theoretical Daily Worth. If a trip is currently booking players at a 800 Theoretical Daily Worth, the players in our example above would not be able to book if their accounts are not linked. If the accounts are linked, they would meet the Theoretical requirement
  • Suite requests, Food and Beverage credits, Limo requests - If an individual, or combined play of two individuals is above 1,200 Theoretical Daily Worth, Grueninger will send a request for a suite, daily food and beverage credit, and limo request to be added to your reservation
  • Custom requests - Requests made to Grueninger Travel will be passed onto the Beau Rivage for their approval. The Beau Rivage tries to honor all requests, but if multiple guests are making the same request, requests will be yielded to guests with a higher Theoretical Daily Worth. Examples include plane seating, gulf view, room requests, and more

Your Freeplay offers

  • Your offers will be viewed and distributed based off of total play, rather than individual play
  • Freeplay can be separated into each account by going to the M Life desk during the trip

Can I unlink my account?

  • Yes– this can be done at the MLife desk.

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