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What our customers are saying

Our goal is to provide the best and easiest booking experience possible

My husband and I experienced our first cruise last year and since then have used Grueninger Travel to book a few more. We have had many questions regarding what cruises to choose, what cabin locations were best, what the different ports are like, what are the best options for air travel, and many other concerns. All of our questions are answered with kindness and patience. The booking process is seamless and easy because they know what they are doing. The friendly helpfulness, which we appreciate so much, will keep us using Grueninger Travel to book our future cruises and any other travel needs.


Janet C

Booked on Royal Caribbean sailing in 2022

If you are thinking about booking a cruise Grueninger travel should be your go to. Every detail is taken care of for you just board the ship and enjoy. I have had some awesome experiences in Europe and the Caribbean I will never forget.


Anne B

Booked on Norwegian Cruise Line sailing in 2022

Booked cruise thru Grueninger in spring 2023.  The process was very easy. Our casino credits were managed by between Grueninger and Royal carribean. We were provided clear instructions.  Had no problems with the booking and the trip was outstanding. My wife and I have already booked another cruise thru Grueninger.  They are professionals.


Tom K

Booked on Royal Caribbean sailing in 2023

Grueninger travel has far exceeded my travel needs. All of the staff have been very helpful in answering questions and booking my travels.  I would and have recommended your travel company to others.  Definitely 5 star!


Cindy W

Booked on Norwegian Cruise Line sailing in 2022

Booked our first even cruise through Grueninger Travel. Thank you, Lisa and Grueninger Travel for making the process so easy!  

I had previously researched booking a cruise directly through the cruise line website but I had so many questions and they did not provide any answers on the website. When I called their Customer Service line, I was put on hold for over 30 minutes. That's when I reached out to Grueninger Travel.  Lisa walked me through the whole process, answered all my questions regarding airfare, room size, food & beverage options and even offered the option of extending our stay an extra day in Miami! She was in constant contact regarding payment, filing  the cruise line paperwork and all the timelines involved.  She made the process trouble and worry-free. We had a great trip and I know I will use them again for all our future travel needs. Thanks again for making our first cruise a memorable experience!


Chris D

Booked on Norwegian Cruise Line sailing in 2022

I really hadn’t thought of doing a cruise for a long, long time (Rich is not really a water guy), until I saw emails coming from Grueninger announcing this trip.

It piqued my interest! Our only issue was we did not want an inside cabin. Had to have a balcony. Lisa got back to me & she said NCL offered a balcony!


That sold it! Lisa was very informative, lots of info to take in. (NCL’s site is not really user friendly. They seem to have a lot of issues), but Lisa sent us the pertinent information we needed to get things going!

Very easy process! We have been travelling through Grueninger Travel for 15 years! Hopefully, we’ll be around for another 15!


Pam B

Booked on Norwegian Cruise Line sailing in 2023

Why book your cruise through Grueninger Travel

Learn more about why your next cruise booking should be through our team
Booking with Grueninger Travel
Booking directly with a cruise line
We can use your play history from any trip you’ve booked with Grueninger Travel. This helps customers guarantee they’re receiving the lowest price available 
Their price available based on your play history with their brand
Customer support
Work with the small and dedicated team at Grueninger Travel
One of dozens from support staff from across the world may pick up your call
Future offers
You'll receive offers from the cruise line you booked with, plus many more offers to other cruise lines, and Grueninger Travel exclusive offers as well
You'll receive offers from the cruise line you booked with

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Frequently asked questions

Just like our other offerings, we'll help you get qualified using either your current play with the cruise line you're interested in, or with other play from trips you've gone on with Grueninger Travel

Short and simple - for most of our customers, the stateroom will be comp'd. Sometimes, cruise lines will offer additional promos, and each cruise line will vary with what's given to casino players.

For most players, the out of pocket cruise package for a couple cost will vary between $150 per person to $500 per person (depending on the cruise line, season, itinerary, ship, etc).We'll provide the exact  cost when you're provided with a formal quote from our team.

For most players, the out of pocket cruise package for a couple cost will vary between $150 per person to $500 per person (depending on the cruise line, season, itinerary, ship, etc).We'll provide the exact  cost when you're provided with a formal quote from our team.

Our customers generally go one of two options. Most commonly, our guests use the cruise line's in-house travel agency to add in the airfare to their total package cost. Other guests choose to manage the airfare on their own.

For all the same reasons you book the rest of your casino travel with us! We price and offer match what you receive, provide top-notch customer support, act as your advocate, and booking with us helps keep your play up to date in our system

Most often, yes. Like all offers, they'll be subject to certain terms and casino approval.

Each cruise has a slightly different cancellation policy. With enough notice, your cancel penalty will be minimal.

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