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Caesars Rewards – Daily Tier Credit Bonuses: What you need to know

July 27, 2022

What if I told you, you can increase how many Tier Credits you earn on a trip by 111%, without increasing your Coin In by a single penny?

While Caesars Rewards has many great earning bonuses, one of the less commonly known or understood benefits are the Daily Tier Credit Bonuses.

Caesars Rewards – Daily Tier Bonus

View the full details at --> CaesarsRewards - Tier Credit Bonuses (custhelp.com)

The Daily Tier Credit Bonus are Tier Credit Bonuses that are awarded after earning a certain number of Tier Credits each day. The bonuses are listed below and rewarded at an individual player basis. A couple playing on separate cards will be evaluated on each card. Caesars Rewards does not combine the Tier Credits of a couple when looking at separate cards.

If a couple consolidates their play from one trip into one card, there’s opportunity for significant bonuses, and you can increase your earned Tier Credits, without changing your coin in, time played, average denomination, or game type.

Example #1 – Steve and Sally go to Atlantic City

For example, let’s take Steve and Sally. Steve and Sally go to Atlantic City for four days and play to 400 Daily Tier Credits and 200 Daily Tier Credits respectively.

In this example, over the course of 4 nights, Steve and Sally earn a total of 2400 TCs (Tier Credits). Neither spouse is earning over 500 Daily Tier Credits, so no bonus is earned. Let’s look at what happens when they play on one card.

Steve and Sally are earning 2900 TCs for this trip! That’s a 21% increase! Not bad!

Example #2 – Frank and Fannie go to Lake Tahoe

Frank and Frannie are going to Lake Tahoe for a 4-night trip. Frank earns 510 Tier Credits each day, and Fannie earns 510.

Because Frank is over 500 Daily Tier Credits, he’ll earn an additional 125 Tier Credits each day.

Let’s look at what happens if all the play between spouses is on one card, rather than two.

Frank is now earning and additional 1000 Tier Credits because their combine play is over 1000 Tier Credits.

Over the course of a 4-day trip, they’re earning 8,020 total TCs rather than 4,520 TCs if they’d played on two cards. That’s a 77% increase!

Example #3 – Joyce and Jim go to Las Vegas

And in our third and final example, Joyce and Jim are going to Las Vegas. They’re going big!

Joyce plays to 2200 Daily TierCredits (1,000 bonus each day), and her husband Jim earns 400 Daily Tier Credits (0 bonus each day)

If all the play between Joyce and Jim is on one card, Joyce and Jim now earn their daily 2600 Tier Credits, and an additional 5,000 Bonus Tier Credits (wow!).

Joyce and Jim’s total Tier Credits from this trip increases from 14,400, to 30,400. That’s a 111% increase! If this is the only trip they do this year, Joyce would earn Platinum status (5,000 TCs) by playing on separate cards.

If all play is on one card, Joyce is now Diamond Plus.

Caesars Rewards continues to offer many ways for players to move on up the tier ladder. We hope you found these examples insightful and informative and are happy to answer any questions you may have!

2022 Caesars Rewards Tier Levels


My spouse and I like getting our individual offers and tier benefits. Won’t one of us lose those benefits by consolidating play to one card?

That is correct, however, the benefits from a Tier apply to both spouses. Most of our customers see greater overall benefits from Caesars Rewards when consolidating play to one card when possible.  

Will this impact the offers we get from Grueninger?

No, we evaluate play based on a case-by-case basis. Offers are sent out when evaluating the play of a couple, not on an individual basis.

Let’s say I go to Atlantic City – will my daily play from Harrah’s be combined with my daily play from Caesars?

Yes – play will be evaluated at a market-level. For example, Tropicana, Harrah’s and Caesars are all in the Atlantic City market. The total TCs for a guest who plays at Harrah’s in the morning, and Tropicana at night will be totaled into one playing day.

For questions about properties and markets, feel free to give us a call. 

Can I earn multiple bonus levels per day?

No, the bonus level will be based on the maximum level that you reach in a day.  

How can I find out how many TCs I’ve earned in a day?

Most machines will have the ability to tell you how many TCs you’ve earned, but if you have additional questions, you can always go to a Caesars Rewards desk.

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